CB has a longstanding connection with Dun & Bradstreet via its position in Dun & Bradstreet Israel. As a result, CB evolved a strong concentration of companies in Business Information and Data Analytics - ‘Big Data’. A number of CB’s portfolio companies create technologies and products that are synergistic to D&B’s needs.

As the team began to identify additional use cases for many of the technologies coming out of CB companies, CB created a dedicated lab to nurture these ideas or early products into successful companies. This effort has expanded, and at any given time over the last 3 years at least 2 companies could be found in the CB Lab. These companies benefit from CB's global network (and offices), deep connections in particular domains, financial resources, operations infrastructure and executive support.

CB approaches each investment, both before and after closing, with the mindset of a strategic operator. We are stage agnostic as it is our ability to add value to what will ultimately bring about measurable growth that drives our investment decisions. CB is continually working to identify new opportunities and businesses that fit its investment philosophy.

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